Mount Vernon, WA

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Glow Worms: Infant to 1 year

• Individualized attention

• Personal interaction

• Sensory stimulation

• Safe, fun play environment

• Individualized daily reports

Dragonflies: 1 year olds

• Small and large motor skill activities

• Music, art and sensory activities

• Personalized learning experiences

• Parallel Play & Relationship Building

• Individualized daily reports

Bumble Bees: 2 year olds

• Circle time

• Art time

• Activities to teach basic concepts (colors,

  shapes, objects)

• Individualized daily reports

Enjoy the benefits we offer:

Track your child's cognitive and physical development with their ability profile. Teachers will chart each child's milestones providing a record of their healthy growth.

By providing a stimulating environment, we make learning fun! Our individualized plans allow each child to experience learning at their own rate.

Keeping a low child to teacher ratio of 1 to 4 for infants and 1 to 7 for toddlers, we are able to provide each child with the personal attention they deserve.

With years of experience and specialized training, our teachers understand the important role a nurturing environment plays in the learning process.

At The Learning Ladder Child Development Center, we provide families throughout the Skagit Valley and Mount Vernon, Washington area with the most loving and personalized child care services and developmental growth activities for infants and toddlers.  During your child's first two years they will grow more and develop further than any other time in their life.  Because of this it is important to provide them with a nurturing and stimulating environment which will meet their basic needs and beyond.  At this age, learning is very individualized and is all about experiencing and sensing the world at the child’s own pace.  Our teachers tailor their curriculum to meet the individual needs of each child.





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